Concluding our look at acronyms for fear I believe if we look at it from the Scriptural perspective we will find that everything has a reason for being. We are no accident, God made us for a larger purpose and each one of us plays an integral part in the total plan. I know, some of you are probably asking yourselves if all the troubles in this world are part of the miniscule plans for our lives and I cannot answer that. But what I can say is that everything happens for a reason and that reason is for God’s ultimate glory.

God brought everything known and unknown into existence then He created us. We are meant to take care of His creation. This purpose has many different intricacies about it though. First and foremost we were to live with the land and the animals and were charged with the well-being but God knew we would falter thanks to the darkness that took over our hearts. God gave each of us a mission to help mend each other to restore us to our original purpose but we messed that up too. 

Why is there so much wrong with the world?

There are many reasons but the ultimate one is the choices that we make dictate how the world will be. Too many people have forgotten God’s compassion and love even though it is built into our hearts. In fact, God’s Love is built into our DNA. When we chose to ignore God’s Love our whole self changes and we are no longer marked His. This is a win for the devil because he wants to be God. But those of us with the Mark of God (His Word and Love) can defeat the devil inside and bring those lost back to God. 

Why do we Suffer?

We suffer because we are separated from God due to sin. But the more we suffer for God’s Glory once we have turned back to Him, the closer the Kingdom comes to earth. We suffer in this life because there is a better life waiting for us In Christ. Jesus suffered for our sins even though He did nothing wrong. He was the innocent lamb led to slaughter by all of us. We have all held that nail that pierced His skin.

Why Do We Ask Why?

We humans are curious creatures who desire knowledge. We ask so that we may learn, we learn so that we may do, and we do so we may gain more knowledge. Are we trying to know everything? Some may desire that but it is not our place in our current state of existence.

What Do We Do?

We try to figure out the reasons things happen when what we really need to do is take everything by faith, trusting that God, in His mercy and grace, will grant us what we need when we ask but in His timing not ours. Our dependency should be on God because His is the reason for everything.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we need to pray for the world that it heals and turns back to God. It starts with our closest family, our community, and goes all the way up. To find the reason for all things we just need to turn back to God and put our faith in the Blood of Jesus which God used to save us for all time. Love One Another Just As He Has Loved Us. Have faith that God has all things in His control and it is His reason that things happen.

God’s Grace and Mercy be with you

Rob, Servant of God


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