Have you ever gone somewhere and felt really out of place because the others that were there looked different than you? CROSSover Praise Band had that happen last night. Basically we had a Blues Brothers experience without the cage even though it was a church function. Everyone that was there was dressed like cowboys and girls and the first thought from a couple of the band members was that we were out of place. As the night went on the first band up was a group of older gentlemen and one 18 something all playing guitars and they played classic country rock, a couple Beatles songs, and a song from the 60’s. All of a sudden the view of the two that were concerned changed. They saw how the group was received by the crowd and figured that we would fit in just fine. Myself and our bassist had no issues from the start and they were looking at us apologetically. Jesus did not deceive us with His appearance but there were so many expectations on how the Messiah would come to save the world. The Wise Men from the East thought He would be born in the palace. Others expected a fanfare with much pomp and circumstance. But Jesus came humbly in a lower to middle class family born amongst His Father’s handiwork. The fanfare came quietly to a group of shepherds who amplified the song of the angels who announced His birth, finding Jesus asleep on hay in a wooden trough. Does not sound very exciting. How many even in this day and age would consider a great ruler to enter into the world the way He did? How do we first appear to others as we walk down the street? As we enter places of worship? Our work, school, or other places we go especially for the first time. Some people want to make really good impressions dressing and acting in ways that they normally would not be only to realize they could have been themselves the whole time. If we really want to be like Christ, we do not have to dress to the nines or hide we just need to be ourselves. Brothers and Sisters, if you have to be someone different to meet people you are not being who God designed you to be. You do not have to conform to worldly ways to be liked nor do you have to change and blend in. There are so many who have no clue who they are because they trust society’s view more that their own. Be who you are by being that Child of God you were designed to be. With Love and Hope, Blessings, Rob, Servant of God

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