We have begun breaking ground for the Path-Way Refuge and Retreat Center. While looking around at the different areas and envisioning the possibilities we have found that God has led us to this place for a reason. We looked at so many other places but found this one right near our home in South Carolina. It is the culmination of all the places we had visited and it is beautiful.

There is a lot to see and we will be posting updates as we move forward.

Breaking Ground  We started to dig near the property edge to put up a retaining wall. 

Beginning to break ground for workshop Here we have where the woodshop and welcome area will be.

future-site-of-entrance-brook.jpg This  drainage spot will be  a running brook.

Holly-with-Berries-on-Property.jpg While exploring the land (we had to take a break) we found a few holly trees with berries. This is a good thing. We will not have fake holly decorations and it is a hardwood that we can use for multiple purposes.
There are so many good and friendly people that travel the road that we are on. We are not on a hardball road so it is easy to get stuck and many of the passersby stopped to make sure we were ok. Of course we were but that gave us an opportunity to meet the neighbors and share what is taking place on the land.

God grants good things to those who wait on Him. Though we were getting a little impatient and disappointed when we could not afford certain lands, God led us here and we are thankful every day.

About 15 years ago God had placed this on my heart and now it is up to us. We would love for you to join with us in making this dream a reality. Every Saturday (even Thanksgiving Weekend) we will be out there clearing and building. The first major project is the driveway and parking area. We would appreciate any and all assistance. If you would like to volunteer please leave a comment on this site, our Facebook or Twitter pages. For donations follow this link: Path-Way Refuge and Retreat Center

Thank You one and all. May God Bless You
In His Great Love
Rob, Servant of God.



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