This is one of two times of the year where many who call themselves Christians that stay in the world come out of the woodwork andpack the churches. Some are family members of those who are of the Body ofChrist. Some are searching for answers. Some know about Jesus and say theybelieve but as soon as they step away, act as if Jesus never came. But which ismore important, filling the pews (chairs) or opening the hearts to God?

God gives the answer to that question in just about every book of the Old Testament and it is reinforced in the New. With all the buildings of worship in the world it is more important for God to be working in the heart than for someone to sit or stand in a building and just be there. God can enter the heart anywhere in His creation.

The Holy Spirit is more than the one that enters in once we accept and give our lives over to God. The Holy Spirit dwells over the whole earth, finding those who seek the truth of the matter. The problem with the world is that people do not recognize the Spirit and just think that the joy of the holidays is what gives that sense of happiness even in suffering.

 How Can We Help?

We cannot do it alone but there must be some way that we can help open the eyes of their hearts so the door will be open enough for God to do His work. There are many things that we do as Christians that people see whether they want to or not. Believe it or not we do it every day. Everything from simple acts of kindness for the stranger to openly sharing the Great Joy in our kind words thoughts and gestures. Even just being there is helpful to some. But what does this have to do with opening the Heart Eyes of those who are just believers? When they enter the church for the first time since Easter welcome them with open arms, invite them to the after service dinner (for the early Christmas Eve Service goers), spend time with them but do not be pushy. Exchange numbers or email addresses. Follow Up, get to know them to the point where they will be totally open and honest with you. This is the Holy Spirit working in you to work in them. Invite them to talks and other church functions. Sometimes it just takes a kind invitation for someone to change their heart.

Do not just invite someone to church because that honestlyis not enough.    

If you have a Christmas gathering do not leave it to just indoors (unless of course you are in extreme cold or the gathering is in a high rise). Sharing while physically seeing God’s Creation is one of the best ways for a person to turn to God. Also just standing and listening to the rustling of the leaves, the chirping, seeing the smiles on even the most downtrodden, this is the joy of the Lord working in the world.

Just like snowflakes that fall from the heavens, each one of us is unique and God works in each of us in ways that emphasize our uniqueness. You never know whose life you will touch in such a way that it awakens the soul to do what God calls the person to do. The prophets of old did not need walls nor did Jesus. They awoke so many lives to the initial calling of humanity, caretakers of creation and communion with God. We can do the same through the Holy Spirit.

Brothers and Sisters, It is Christmastime. It is time to harvest those who believe but are not fully in Christ so that the Holy Spirit gains ground in this corrupted world. Be the Joy, share God’s Love and Compassion, do not let it just fade.

Blessings to All,

Rob, Servant of God    


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