There are so many prophesies saying that what is happening right now was written in Scripture. We have fallen away from the orders given by God to about the festivals, the jubilee years, and other things that have caused many issues throughout the world ever since money and materialism took over and distracted our lives away from God.

We were doing great until the Bible was removed from the classroom many years ago. Kids understood respect for elders, they understood the difference between good manners and those unacceptable by all. Ethics and morals were not questionable in nature and people did not think they were entitled to anything. We have become indebted to the dollar which has control of our lives and is of absolute necessity to even the most basic of needs for survival.

Selfish ambitions have never been worse than the last 50 years. This has destroyed not just the person with those ambitions but the second and third order of effects go even deeper breaking down families and other relationships vital to our survival. The super rich try to buy their way into things where they do not belong because of their agendas which are not of God and break down society to the point where families are fighting each others, parents are disowning their children and the moral compass of many has gone completely opposite of where it should be.

Thankfully God is stepping in and there have been individuals who have begun reversing the false teachings and ideas of the devil which have destroyed many at the core of their being.

When will people return to the truth and be heard without being ridiculed? Soon I hope but right now we need to remember that the devil must rule for a time before the return of our Lord and Savior. Until then remain vigilant and be the light in this dark and ugly world.


Rob, Servant of God


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