There is something special about receiving a message from the Father but it is even more special when you actually listen, hear the instruction, and comply with His Words. Today we broke ground on the first build site for the ministry. Before we broke ground we had a threat of rain storms but God held back the storm and it was a light drizzle before it stopped completely.

While it was drizzling we measured land while clearing the larger branches and felled trees to get a clear path and I asked if we could have just a little reprieve so we could measure correctly. We had a clear signal from the Father that this was a good day to clear and break ground so after measuring, we put the first official pick hoe and shovel into what will be the slab for the wood shop and storage area. And amazingly, the rain stopped.

Our prayer for sun was answered but only because we listened to God. All the weather stations said that it was going to storm but I listened to my prayer and had the feeling that He was saying do it anyway. While there we explored the land some more and started marking other areas. A new thought had come and we will be adding classroom buildings so that we can have multiple Bible study areas. All because we listened and felt as if He told us to open our eyes. The visual that the three of us were given had different parts but all interconnected.

When you listen to God, it is not always in the mind but in the eyes of the heart that open up what He needs you to see. The Spirit working within provides the visual to our minds so our physical eyes and ears see and hear His plans. God knows the plans He has for us and if you listen deep enough, even the small details will be revealed. Blessings and love to all,

Rob, Servant of God


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