We are creatures of habit. The dictionary defines a habit as, “an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.” If we start to do something and continue to do it for a time it becomes part of our being. Some habits are good, some are bad.

Habits are dependent on our actions and choices we make. Some habits are healthy and we can live good lives while the unhealthy habits lead to destruction of self and others. Choices have gotten many people in trouble in the past but the one choice that can and has saved many a soul is the act of worship.

My writings in the past have described worship as any act of devotion approved by God that glorifies Him. Included are prayer, reading and studying Scripture, singing, playing instruments, performing in ways that bring others to know or want to know God more. Worship is not just something done inside a building or with a large group of believers once a week, it is a daily thing we as believers in God do. The more we worship, it changes from a simple act of devotion to a habitual desire to bring God glory.

However there is a danger to the habit of worship. Some people lose touch of the reason for the worship and eventually just do it because it is there. Devotion and desire to worship God becomes lip service and the heart of worship is gone. This can easily happen to musicians when it becomes more of a task or time of self-glorification than a time of showing your devotion and faith. The way to tell this is when the service becomes a concert performance. Remember who is receiving the praise, only God. 

 The habit of worship heals the heart. When worship becomes a habit our lives are transformed.  Our inner selves are changed for the better when we sing songs of devotion, speak prayers of thankfulness and forgiveness, and share His Word. The habit of worship brings healing in so many ways that are more than physical. The Spirit inside moves a person to let it take control and God’s glory shines in the voices, instruments, and motions a body may make.

Worship heals my spirit when I play the drum kit for a worship band. I have been known to let go and allow the Spirit to overtake me causing me to move with the music and the words while still playing. Members of the congregation claim that I played really well and I can honestly say that I do not know wat I played more often than not.

Worship is habit forming in that we have an easier time giving up the things that are bad for us. Maintaining good habitual worship practices causes the body to reject those things that are bad for us. Yes sometimes the habits are so engrained that they are hard to deny yourself, but God will eventually win out. For some of the bad habits we have to make a conscious effort to remove them. Others are temporary habits that can be given up in a heartbeat.

Are you ready and willing to remove the bad and keep only the good? It is very easy but it will take some effort at first. After a while those old bad habits will seem like dreams because they are replaced by God in the heart. 

Rob, Servant of God


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