When we go to the doctor we hope to walk out either feeling better, on the road to feeling better, or being given an outright clean bill of health. Our physical bodies house the part of us that no doctor can diagnose or cure, Our Soul.

The Bible is filled with many ways to keep our spiritual health in check. One of the most important factors in keeping us spiritually healthy is through prayer. Prayer is literally our Spiritual Checkup. It is when we commune with God in our thoughts and words that thank Him, talk about our day, request help for others, repent, and ask that we are able to maintain ourselves through the Holy Spirit. Jesus gave us the ultimate checklist in His teaching on how we should pray.

Jesus provided a pattern to follow when praying that recognizes God’s Omnipotence and our dependence upon Him. Each part can be broken down into other prayers but when the pattern is placed together as a single conversational prayer, the spirit is given a chance for diagnosis, prescription, and healing. Living a healthy, useful life each day is built around these key elements, or vital signs of our spiritual health:


  • Our Father, Who art in Heaven    

Recognizes The Father God who alone is to be worshiped as holy and in control of all things.

  • Thy Kingdom Come

Our bodies are the temples which house the Holy Spirit and as such should be used only for the works of God as an example for others.

  • Thy Will Be Done

 A request for our lives to be the workers of His Will and plan. That we be the light in this dark world.

  • Give Us This Day

 Relying on God for the daily Provision of food, water, clothing, but first and foremost His Word which gives our lives a reason and purpose for being.

  • Forgive Us As We Forgive

 Relationships are important and as repent for His forgiveness, so we should forgive others who have wronged us. The way to receive forgiveness is to forgive. Scripture tells us that we must forgive others before we enter into His presence. Have you done that today? This portion also serves as a reminder that we should forgive others.

  • Deliver Us From Evil

Keep our minds on the One who saves so that we do not stray and become encompassed by the worldly things which distract us and separate us from God.

  • Thine Is The Glory

Praise God and in everything we do give God the Glory. Understanding that everything we do is not for us but for Him who gives us life, we praise Him not ourselves for the actions we either will do for the day or have done. It keeps us from accepting the accolades that boost our ego above Him. Recognizing our place keeps us from being braggarts of our accomplishments and seeking reward for things we have done.

Knowing and understanding this prayer is a guide for how we should pray. It is the vitals report at the end of the hospital bed which speaks of how our spiritual health is guided towards becoming who God desires us to be. So, How is your Spiritual Health?

Your Brother in Christ,

Rob, Servant of God


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