Brothers and Sisters I need to share something that is rather disheartening to me but needs to be spoken. I have written before that there is a difference between Believing and Being In Christ. How can you tell the difference? It is simple really. A Believer gives lip service but does not act upon it. One who is in Christ and says certain things that involves others will drop everything that gets in the way to keep his or her word.

We, as humans have a tendency to play lip service even to our own family members sometimes. This is not what God taught nor is it what Jesus reiterated. This is a perfect way of showing what you would have done to you in certain situations. If you make a promise, keep it. If you make plans and must change for some reason, tell the other parties involved so the time is not wasted trying to figure your location.

Those that Believe talk much but do little. Those that are truly in talk little and do much. Who are You???

Think about it. What Would You tell Jesus if you had to cancel on Him? Especially if the distractor was not as important.


Rob, Servant of God


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