Path-Way Worship Ministries started out in 2014 as a page on Facebook which was mainly for processing ideas for sermons. It became the pastors outlet for reminding folks that Jesus never sugar coated His words and was very blunt yet kind. It was also a way for people to understand Scripture from a 1st Century point of view. Since then, Path-Way grew into what it is today, a ministry that still works from strict Biblical Instruction but with a deeper mission: working with the homeless, lost, and ministering to those who just cannot seem to get ahead in the world and want to get to know Jesus as Savior. Our future endeavor is to get the homeless back on their feet by teaching them about worth as a person, re-instilling self confidence and respect so that they can be functional in the world but have an understanding of their God given purpose and gifts. We will also be in retreat mode within 5 years.