Joy in the midst of Sorrow

It doesn’t matter what it is; death (family friend pet), loss of a job or home; God has proven time and again that His never-ending Joy can and will fulfill us. I recently lost an amazing friend and it has been really hard for me to write for this Advent week of Joy because a thought hurt me. If we can find Joy in everything else through Christ, why is it so hard for us to find Joy for those who have gone to live with Him? Well, here is my answer, we are human and God gives and takes away for a purpose (even when we don’t like what happens). God gave us the Joy of never-ending Love, Peace and Hope through Christs Birth and that is what I know about Joy.


Self Control

A tricky subject that not many people understand, especially in a Biblical view.

Self Control is the ability to control yourself. Mostly based on emotions that you have.

If we don’t let the Holy Spirit in, it is hard for us to have proper Self Control.

We must have Self Control if we are to follow Christ. As Christians we are called to be Christ-like and be the example of what our Lord wants us to be (His People). Though it is tough, we have to read, listen, and pray to be more like Him and that starts with Self Control.


What is this thing we call Joy?

Joy is the extreme happiness we receive when we Love.

Joy is the Encouragement we were given so that we can continuously Worship.

It is the way that we remember the birth of Jesus Christ.

Joy isn’t all about the earthly things that we receive from others.

It is the Spiritual self reminding us that we can be Joyful in all things we do.

Thoughts on Good Friday

Hey all,

I wanted to write this post as a letter to you guys because it feels more natural to me. Recently (a.k.a. today) I was talking to some friends at Lunch and many topics arose that I started feeling uncomfortable with. Most of these topics were on Politics and America needing some help, which I’ll admit, I agreed on some things. But then, something came across my mind, no one was talking about today and its symbol. Good Friday is the day we talk about Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins, a day we really all mourn due to the fact that our Savior had just said ‘It is Finished’. I wanted to put this out there because I’ve realized that many people of my own generation don’t stop and reflect on the significance of what happened before Jesus Rose from the Grave on Resurrection Sunday.

‘It Is Finished’ 3 words that signify the Death of Jesus. But, not only does it signify His Death, it also signifies that our sins have now been washed white as snow. We are cleansed of all our sins because Gods only son gave His life for our own.

Many people will probably say, ‘we weren’t saved until after Jesus rose’, but for me, The moment my Jesus died and the temple curtain was torn in two was when my sins were cleansed. His last breath opened the door for our restored relationship with God.

My friends, we are still naive and vulnerable to different views and beliefs, no matter our age. One of the most important things we all have to remember is the sacrifice of the son of God.

Family (written by Katie)

My dad asked me to write about something I feel strongly about. Being the youngest in the family, I have begun to truly understand what that word means. What is Family? Is it Blood? Is it only your Mom, Dad, Siblings, Cousins, Grandparents? Family does not have to be related in any way, it is all related through many things but most of all, Love. If you don’t Love then the people around you sometimes leave, not out of choice but for their own needs. They feel lost, abandoned and lonely. ¬†God put us all on this Earth for different reasons, however, we were all made to Love one another so that there would be no loneliness. This is something that I feel strongly about as a young Christian woman wanting to start a family. I hope you will come on this journey with me to understand what it means when becoming a woman of stronger Faith. My family reaches far beyond my parents and siblings.