God requires us to give as He gave to us. 

We are to present God Worship and Praises that give account to our lives. A large part of Worship is giving. We give God all Glory, Honor, and Power as He reigns over us but there are so many ways of giving. The big thing is giving back a portion of what God gave to us. This is an all inclusive giving as it means more than money and time, it is all around serving others. When we give to God we are giving in humble thanksgiving for granting us many things, all our blessings, all our suffering, our happiness and pain. God gave us each a Spiritual Gift to use for His Glory. For some it means receiving much material things such as money which is given back in many ways. Some are musically inclined, some hospitality, some the gift of speech to share the Word with others. Either way we are to share these gifts and give back to God by giving and sharing our talents with others for His Glory.

I say all this with an understanding that not everyone can contribute funds for missions and we understand this. What we would appreciate though is if those who cannot give, pray for others to help support the Christian cause which we have been called to undertake.

We at Path-Way Worship Ministries are setting up a place to provide a Christian refuge for the persecuted, the homeless, those in need of restoration and renewal. A place to Worship together without walls and reach out to the community as well as the world.  If you would like to help through contributions,  please contact us on the contact page.