Why is it so important to receive lessons from a book that was written by the hand of man but dictated by the Holy Spirit? Why are the history lessons, wisdom, poems, prophesies, and songs found in the Bible important to read, understand, and live by?

We did not develop on this earth by chance, we are a created people with one major mission in life and we are to do that mission with joy, compassion, and happiness in our hearts and minds. We are designed as God’s greatest and most beloved creation with the task of being caretakers of His whole creation. WHAT WENT WRONG, HOW DO WE FIX IT?

Well, even deities have enemies and God is no different. The Adversary, Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, this one being has many names and has a hoard of evil followers that interrupt our mission on a daily basis. The Adversary acted first by using a serpent (who actually had legs until God cursed it) to tempt Adam and Eve which brought sin into the world and we have not been the same since.

God’s Word in Scripture is His instruction book explaining what happened, what went wrong, how to fight it, and the final victory which will be His. It teaches us in every way how to live a good, moral, and ethical life. He uses examples on what not to do and the eternal ramifications of those actions. But best of all, He gave us the ultimate solution to the problem of sin that man cannot solve alone. God gave us His Son, Jesus, to share and develop the personal relationship that God once had with Adam and Eve. He wants to be understood as our Father, Savior, Messiah, Friend. Scripture is the tool, Jesus is the teacher whom we must follow, believe, trust, and obey in our daily lives.

Starting as a grouping of scrolls, the Bible as we know it has been in our possession since the right before the Middle Ages and written so that we may share in God’s Glorious Kingdom. All we have to do is listen, give up our trust in the world, and put all of our trust in Him. We can learn everything we need to know from the Bible, all you have to do is listen while you read it.

Are You Ready to embark on an amazing journey, then Join us. be a part of our mission and learn with us. You are invited now it is up to you.