Much has happened at the site in the last couple of months and I thought I would share a few pictures and the pace at which we are moving forward.  Though work is slow we have accomplished a lot. 

Phase One Area getting Initial clearing
Phase One Wood Shed, Fire Pit, and Picnic/Worship Area 1
Phase 2 Area receiving initial clearing. Phase 2 is the Open area Worship Area (WA2) and a part of the Prayer Walk
Phase One Area at another angle

We are moving forward but need help

When new Worship Areas are built, the people come to see what it is all about. I have seen a few people stop by and see the area being cleared and asking what it going there. When they find out they are excited and a spark is set. Many of you who see this are not anywhere near our little town in South Carolina and cannot help physically and we understand that. What we could use is much prayer that those in the immediate area find it in their heart to donate materials and other things so that our storehouse is not filled with money, but filled with building materials and things to be used by the ministry to help others. If you can help with the purchase of materials we will send you a picture of the materials your gift has provided and the finished projects those materials went into. If you would like to donate please go to:

If you want to specifically state what materials your donation will go to here is a list of current needs:

  1. Crush and Run for parking
  2. Concrete for floor of Picnic Area 1 and Wood Shed (need 200 80 lb bags)
  3. 100 ft. of .06 plastic for the bottom layer of Phase One Walk and Garden
  4. 10 5 ft. by 16 ft. cattle fencing for the vine gardens to provide shade for a portion of the path
  5. Wood and Brick for building the Picnic area (30ft x 60ft)
  6. Landscaping stones for a 10ft wide circular fire pit.

When the first Tabernacle was built, God told Moses exactly what and how much was needed and the people provided everything. We have spent what we can at this time without going into debt, please pray on this and help.

If you can help with any of these items please let me know. Even if is just a portion of the need that would be awesome.