Prayer/Reflection Path Project

To begin the mission set before us we must look at how to design the prayer/Spiritual Search Path. I personally envision three paths with 15 Stations in one and 12 in another. The third will be a concrete path with a more direct route to the chapel. All paths will end in a combined prayer garden/baptismal that leads to the outdoor chapel with a pastor and a pastoral counselor ready to talk and pray with you as needed (confessionals will be set up for Catholics as well).  Each path will change with the celebrations, feasts, and festivals. One path will be Christian centric while the other one a possible exploration into the Jewish feasts and festivals with their Christian/Messianic meanings.

Examples of the set up is during Lent and Easter, one will be set up with the stations of the Cross with the final being a station with an Ascension message while the other Speaks of the Passover/Exodus/Promised Land then the Messiah.

Look for Drawings and Photos coming soon for examples of the basic path, seating, etc.

Bench Idea 1

Bench Idea 1

If you have any thoughts or ideas you would like to share or even if you want to assist in the design of the project please contact by clicking here, Contact or comment below. 

To find out about the Refuge and Retreat Center Click Here: Path-Way Refuge and Retreat Center



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