Reignite Living Center

At the Proposed Reignite Living Center people who are lost, homeless, and hopeless have a place to come and Reignite their Life. To find their worth and rebuild their lives. Living here is temporary but not a one night stay. They will have freedom of movement with some required activities and events. Going to worship is not required but highly encouraged.

The occupants will be given an opportunity to learn or relearn a trade through distance learning and on site OJT. They will also have an optional garden plot for growing food. The living area will be similar to apartment living with a common area including a kitchen.

Once a month we will have a stylist come in to give full treatments to get back into the world and the workplace.

There will be counselors on staff as well. Job counseling, PTSD Counseling, Spiritual and Family counseling will be available.

We are not a drug rehab center and will not condone use of any kind including alcohol.




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