Prayer Requests

Prayer is an important part of Worship. It is how we communicate with God who desires to hear our requests. If you have a request, please leave it in the comments or go to the Contact Page and we will get back with you as quickly as we possibly can. 


I know that it is sometimes hard to ask someone you never met for prayers. That is ok but I can tell you that we will pray for you from our hearts. I won’t try to sell you a prayer cloth or tell you that I will pray if you give, we are not that kind of church. We are concerned for your Spiritual and physical well being. We have personally been blessed with both hard and happy times. We have cried to God and praised Him with joyful adoration. 

I say all that just to reassure you that we are genuine and not a fly by night operation. We are a church on a soul saving mission no matter where you are at. If you want to be part of our prayer team, contact us using the above link in blue and we will put you on our prayer warrior list.

God Bless