Thank You

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We here at Path-Way Worship Ministries just want to give a message of appreciation and blessings to all who read the blogs, the lessons, and listen to the music we present. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, research, study, and doing things for Christ that we forget the simple things like sharing our love and compassion for you with a simple thank you.

We are moving forward with many projects in the next few months that are challenging but rewarding (Spiritually). These projects need much prayer. If you are interested in how the Lord is moving us in these mission projects and desire more information, click here: Path-Way Refuge and Retreat Center

This will take you to the main page. As part of the Refuge and Retreat Center we are working on a Prayer Path and Garden Prayer/Reflection Path Project  and something that is near and dear to my heart Reignite Living Center 

All these projects are a big part of what we believe we are called to do. The place for the ministry and mission is still undetermined but it is looking like Tennessee. If you feel that you would like more information about the ministry and mission please do not hesitate to contact us here: Contact 

If you have enjoyed our posts and lessons please do not hesitate to share. In fact please share the Good News as that is what God wants us to do. We are a World Wide Ministry and hope and pray that God will allow us to continue sharing the Gospel with the world.

God Bless and Thank You once again


The Day Christ Was Revealed to The Gentiles

Three Kings Day

The Christian celebration of Three Kings Day has taken a back seat in some modern societies as just another day but is it? No it isn’t. Yes in real time it did not happen this close to the birth, but since we only have a year to celebrate 33 years in the human life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, everything is condensed to fit.

So why is this day so important to the Christian year? The day that the Magi saw Christ is the because it signifies the revelation (revealing) of God to mankind in human form. It is the first time the “Gentiles” celebrated Jesus as Lord and Savior. The Magi had an Epiphany, “a sudden realization about the nature or meaning of something” recognizing that this is no ordinary child as they experienced a joy and hope that was truly beyond their understanding. Remember, they went to a palace first, thinking that the star was leading them to a prince born in a palace but the star kept moving for them and they began to wonder if the child was of more significance than just another prince.

Now Epiphany means “manifestation”, often of divine power but this time is actually given a more distinct term because Jesus is the manifestation of God, the term is “Theophany”. Now I know a lot of people do not want to get all philosophical and theological it terms and meanings and I kind of get scared of those myself sometimes (especially when I have an epiphany on what those words are defined as), so let’s talk in ways that all understand.

The Magi saw the child. The Holy Spirit awoke in them revealed who He was and who He would become. This was first of many true revealing of God in the flesh to a non-Hebrew. I would have loved to have been there to see the look on their faces when they came to understand that this humble child sleeping in a hay filled food trough would be the one who would rule over all the earth. Think about it. Can you even fathom the thinking of these men and their entourage when the Holy Spirit was awoken inside them and they worshiped Him.

Christ revealed, that is what this day is all about. Everybody in Jesus presence except the Pharisees, the Sadducees, those in power, and the people that were blinded by the Adversary would have a type of revealing about whom He is. Christ is revealed to us through those who speak of Him and when the Holy Spirit awakens in side of us. Do you remember when you woke up to His presence? Do you remember feeling the comfort and joy in understanding the truth about who He is? When is the last time you shared it to awaken the Spirit within someone else? Don’t you think it’s time to do that?

Today we celebrate the enunciation to the world of Christ’s birth through the revealing to the Three Wise Men, Three Kings, Magi, whatever you call them. In Germany, watch out for children who go door to door looking for Him (it is a tradition over there). The community gets together and feasts on this day as He is found and revealed as Emmanuel, “God With Us”.

Is He with you? Would you like to have Him walk with you, talk with you? All you have to do is believe, have faith, and trust that He is the way to eternal life. Repent of your sins and recognize you cannot save yourself. Let Him into your heart and awaken the Spirit to guide you and help you through life.

God Loves you, we love you, there is a big family, the church, the Body of Christ that welcomes you.

God Bless

Do you Have the Right Attitude to Be in Christ?


Welcome to 2018. It is interesting that the next day in the 12 Days of Christmas, Eight Maids A-Milking, points to the Beatitudes. These are the blessings that Jesus bestowed upon those who at the Sermon on the Mount. Blessed are: The Poor in Spirit, Those who Mourn, The Meek, Those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness, The Merciful, Those Pure in Heart, Peacemakers, Martyrs and others who are persecuted for Christ. But these are more than blessings these are attitudes a Christian must possess. They are linked directly with the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. What a great way to start the year than to be reminded of a right Christian attitude which we should strive to have this year.

Slide2These blessings are meant for those who are in His presence and who will listen to His Word. The simplest explanation to the blessings is this: Being a Christian is very hard work and in most cases requires no physical work because being a Christian is striving to become a more Spiritual being. WE are humbled as we mourn our fallen souls. BE gentle and kind having self-control who strive for completion in righteousness. SHow mercy, compassion, love, and forgiveness to those who suffer or are in distress. STrive to be free of all selfish and self-serving desires. BE people of true peace even to the point of dying for the sake of our beliefs.

That was the Beatitudes in a nutshell but do you see how we need to be to receive the blessings on the Mount. To start we must rid ourselves of ourselves and humbly bow into Christ, giving up all things of the world that truly do not make us happy. To many that means giving up certain vices that are such a part of life that we would be lost completely without them if we did not know God. Then we must recognize that we cannot survive in this world on our own. We are prone to deeds that go against God’s design and plan for our lives.

 Slide3 Following Jesus means that you might be looked at as someone who does not follow the status quo, someone who works a normal job but has a belief system that does not match how society thinks they are supposed to live. For this, we are persecuted by those the devil has a firm grip on. The Christian knows the difference. The Christian knows his/her place in the world is not to have material success. We know we are not perfect but we strive to live a right moral life in accordance with God’s Word. Because we know that, For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. It is only through Jesus that we are saved from eternal darkness and can enter into the Kingdom of God.

THIS does not mean that once we have Jesus in our lives we are good and don’t need to do anything else. We cannot continue living as we were in the world. In other words we cannot continue to live in the sinfulness of our past but only in the spirit of the present life in Christ. Giving up our worldly nature is the most difficult thing especially in this day and age of mass media and communication. People share their sinfulness for all to see, boasting in it and in some cases actually making and serving the idol of money while taking many down with them.

WITH it being a new year, let’s continue to strive to not be enticed into temptation but seek Jesus every minute of every day. Be slow to anger and frustration by turning the other cheek where in our weakness we will have the strength of Jesus turning away from sin.

Be blessed this year. Share Christ in all things and do not let those who hate, deter your Love for Jesus. You will be rewarded in heaven, no longer needing physical nourishment nor seeking spiritual nourishment for it will be given freely.

Love to all in this New Year, New Start, Renewed Life in the Spirit, and God Bless You