Are You Giving from the Heart?


What is Your Giving Worth?

Parents spend $600.00 for the Prom Dress, $180.00 for the makeover, and $80.00 for the pre-prom meal. That look on her dad’s face when that boy brings his baby girl home early and did the right thing, PRICELESS.

These parents want everything to be right for their baby. Their daughter’s happiness is what matters most to them in this situation. Let’s say these parents are weekly church goers but not members so these questions arise. Would they do something for a complete stranger? Place money in the offering plate? Is their giving worth it?

 I was talking with someone today about my garden and he asked if I would sell the surplus. I told him that I am not into the business of selling or building up my personal storehouse. If I feel this is a good crop year even though my garden is small, I give first fruits away. I do not sell or ask for accolades because it is a survival item freely given from that which I nurtured to grow. When we give of ourselves we are to give with gladness in our hearts. We should not to seek reward of any type unless that is the only income source.

Trading goods that are the fruits of our labor and blessing one another is more valuable than running around in a fancy and extravagantly overpriced piece of cloth with someone else’s name on a label. Think about what goes into the making of dresses that cost more than cars. Does the weaver thank the animal for the wool or silk, the ground for the cotton, the mountain for the gems? Do they thank God for creating? The answer to all this, probably not. If the mountains, animals, and soil give up things for nothing, why do we put a price on items that are not ours to sell?

When we give of ourselves the only thing we should hope to receive is some kind of kindness in return. You know, things like a smile, a thank you, maybe an item we can use and get use out of. All too often what we witness nowadays are people who think they deserve something for nothing without putting any effort into even the simplest smile or thanks. To them, our giving is worth nothing really because it will be squandered in some way shape or form or even boasted about. This is what society has become.

When we give of our hard earned dollar in the church, what do we give it for? Paying the hired staff, building upkeep, that mission in some exotic land, community outreach (given so someone else can do it)? We hear the annual tithing sermons right around the time of the fiscal year of the church when they give that budget speech and coerce people into giving so they do not have to do the work. Personally, I would rather give and help than give and sit back while others sweat for the Kingdom. I would rather help supply the staff with their needs so they would not worry about bills, meals, and clothes. Pastors are to want for nothing with their needs supplied by the flock. That is how it used to be. Scripture tells us to wary of coercion in the church when approached about giving. Think of those mega church pastors or the false prosperity gospel speakers. Do you know where your money goes?  

Nothing is free except God’s Grace and Mercy given willingly to those who accept it and the conditions that go along with it. God’s Love is Unconditional. All that is required of us is to return His Love by living in His ways and sharing Him with others. If God gives freely out of love for us, why can’t we? Because we are human and fall into the Adversaries snare daily. 

Do you give of your gifts in the church (musician, dancer, teacher, carpenter, counselor, or friend)?

The Gift of Giving is a blessing from God. It is a part of God’s Image in us. When we do acts of kindness we are exemplifying God’s Love within us. By helping those in need, sharing His Word, and praising His Name we are showing His Image within us.   

So, what is your giving worth? Is it worth the smile on the face of a hungry child? The hug from that little old lady you helped take care of the yard? The flowers picked, or the fruits and vegetables that someone spent days, even months nurturing? The simple thank you?  

Giving of oneself in the Name of the Father: PRICELESS