Thank You

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, We here at Path-Way Worship Ministries just want to give a message of appreciation and blessings to all who read the blogs, the lessons, and listen to the music we present. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, research, study, and doing things for Christ that we forget the … Continue reading Thank You



In the 18th year of King Josiah, the Temple of God, Adonai, YHWH, needed repairs. The scrolls had been forgotten and the people had only the oral law and traditions that the priests held as sacred. Have you ever played the game where people sit in a circle and one person begins a thought and … Continue reading Revival

Who Is Your Influence

  Who are you? You are awesomely and wonderfully made to be who God designed you to be. You are made in the Image of God. Not looks mind you but Character, values, morals, etc. But who or what influences you in this your mortal life. Is it your parents, your friends, or some popular … Continue reading Who Is Your Influence

What is Your Legacy?

When we leave this earthly realm, what will we be remembered for? Will it be the type of car that we drove, the house we lived in, the money in the bank? Goodness, I hope not. The material things don’t matter. Our legacies are not about them. How you treat people and your general attitude … Continue reading What is Your Legacy?

The First Century Christian Community

How did the early Christian communities operate? How did they live as one Body in Christ? The early Christian community was called The Way, a sect of Judaism. This community had Gentiles (few in number) in it even before Paul was sent out and were mostly Roman Soldier families and aristocrats who were transformed by … Continue reading The First Century Christian Community

When Man’s Law Attempts to Override God’s We Have a Problem

When Mankind changes God’s Law to suit the needs of a few, those are not people of God. Brothers and Sisters, we know that God sent us a specific Code of Laws, Ethics, and Morals so as to not defile the Spirit and make life easy to live as long as they are adhered to. … Continue reading When Man’s Law Attempts to Override God’s We Have a Problem

Do You Keep Your Faith In A Box

Do you ever wonder what your friends think of you? Do you worry about how you’re perceived by others when you are in public? Of course you do. We all do. Our society places a lot of emphasis on appearances, physical and behavior. It’s normal, expected, and the cause of a lot of anxiety, depression … Continue reading Do You Keep Your Faith In A Box

Don’t Be A “ME”, God Needs “We”

People who care for their own well-being and not that of others who have abandoned God’s Law are not healthy to be around. They claim to care for others and may do things but only if they receive reward. If it doesn’t benefit them then they will not really be there in full participation and … Continue reading Don’t Be A “ME”, God Needs “We”

DIDACHE On Commandments and Codes (Laws and Statutes)

Continuing our look into the Didache, the second part is an extension of the first about the way to life.    The second commandment of the teaching is this:  Do not commit murder; do not commit adultery; do not corrupt boys; do not have illicit sex; do not steal; do not practice magic; do not … Continue reading DIDACHE On Commandments and Codes (Laws and Statutes)