The Wedding Feast

Jesus first Miracle, according to the standard Scriptures was at the wedding in Cana in Galilee. He turned Water into Wine. Now this was a good thing because the water was actually not safe to drink but it was even better because it was the best liquids the participants ever tasted.

Today I officiated my first wedding and I tell you what, I was nervous as all get out until I gave it all to God. Yeah I flubbed a couple of words here and there but God saw us through it. I was not at the actual rehearsal so I went in cold but the best way to do something for God is really a trial by the proverbial fire. After some technical things with the sound and the photographer and making sure the bride, groom and I were all on the same sheet of music everything went extremely well. Another thing I was not prepared for was that the wedding was outside. So I bet now you are wondering, is he tooting his own horn? No, I am not. I could not have done it without God and remembering the Miracle at Cana. There was a lot of nervousness around but it was easily removed when I prayed and reminded everyone that marriage between a man and a woman is the only type of marriage ordained by God while we are human. Everything went easy because God was present. There was no outstanding miracle and there was some disappointments but those too were rendered as unnecessary thanks to God being by my side and in the Words of Love read from 1 Corinthians 13 by a young lady who spoke in front of public for the first time.

This was all about firsts today, what has God done in your life that were firsts? If we do not listen to God through the Words read from Scripture, spoken in church, or even seen on this site, how will our firsts be? Mistakes are made without God being at the forefront of everything we do. He expresses this numerous times in Scripture but you know the one thing that stands out the most? We are His and His alone.

Today was a blessed day because I witnessed two very good friends become man and wife who trusted me to preside over their wedding. They wrote their own vows and in the grooms usual fashion just took the normal vows and added a very personal touch. The bride did the same but it was even more personal. Both were from the heart and beautiful. The barriers of fear and doubt were broken as they spoke those words to each other. Hearts were filled in the entire party present and Joy had spread as they shared their joy.

I could ramble on this all day but I’ll be nice. Weddings are a wonderful time of great joy so it really was only fitting that Jesus first recorded miracle (outside of the extra biblical texts of His childhood) was at a wedding. Jesus changed things that day, yeah there were other miracles by other prophets but Jesus miracle was done in private really without many but His mother knowing. This miracle would be the one that stands out for centuries and even today. He took care of the drink at the wedding feast so no one would thirst. I wonder if He may have healed some people through the drink that day and those were not recorded but one thing for sure, the eyes of the Apostles were opened to begin to see Jesus for what He would be to them.  

Heavenly Father, Thank You for opening my eyes today and reminding me of the truth of Your heart within us. Bringing together two opposite people whom you created to become one taught me many things but mostly that true love really knows no bounds between a man and a woman. There is no truer love than yours and when it is felt throughout these celebrations, fear, anxiety and  hopelessness disappear. Lord, I wish the world could be as it was at creation with Your love all around us. Be with us Father through these dark and worrisome times Come Lord Jesus and take up your throne. Amen