Greatness In Mercy

God is merciful even though He does not have to be. We have been disobedient children yet our Father loves us and shows kindness even in His anger. God is patient with us, yet He will serve lessons as needed to get us on track. His mercy is boundless.

The Lord is gracious and merciful,
slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

 The Lord is good to all,
and his mercy is over all that he has made
. Psalm 145:8-9

Why is it that we remain disobedient children? Is the world so deeply desired by us that we forgot God and what He can do in our lives that is much better than life in the world. I often wonder how long He will allow these distractions to persist before He sets the world on fire. When He does that, the only thing left will be His Grace and Mercy.

Looking at the second part of this section, His mercy is for All creation. So when we are destroyed does that mean that the entire earth will suffer and be reborn? That is what it says in Revelation and a few of the OT prophets. God is literally in everything so He spreads His Grace and Mercy to all things, all creatures on earth know the creator. After all, He gave them the instinct and knowledge to function the way they do. Even the rocks and trees have a function.

We are still His favored creation and have a special place in the Kingdom but we are also the ones who truly feel disheartened when bad things happen. Animals can sense it but are unaware of the situations. God is everywhere. His Love is everlasting and never ending. His Mercy is good to all.

Have a Great and Blessed Day

In Christ

Rob, Servant of God