When Zacchaeus Met Jesus

We are small, God is bigger Jesus, the Word made Flesh, encounters all types of people and only a few ended up in the New Testament. The Twelve Disciples saw all the encounters and were party to most of them and there always seemed to be questions, at least to the ones recorded in the … Continue reading When Zacchaeus Met Jesus


Thank You

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, We here at Path-Way Worship Ministries just want to give a message of appreciation and blessings to all who read the blogs, the lessons, and listen to the music we present. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, research, study, and doing things for Christ that we forget the … Continue reading Thank You

Fruit of the Spirit (9th Day of Christmas)

 I heard someone ask, “Why are they called fruits, they are not something we eat because there is no physical nourishment that comes from these?”. Well actually we do have physical reactions to the Spiritual Fruit but first let’s examine what is the fruit of the Spirit:    But the fruit of the Spirit is … Continue reading Fruit of the Spirit (9th Day of Christmas)

Sixth Day of Christmas: 6 Geese and the Joy of Being Creative

On the Sixth Day of Christmas. Well, how about the Six Days of Creation. Geese laying eggs represents the creation of all life, earth, sun, moon and stars. Only God can do something so amazing in the matter of minutes. When God created the heavens and the earth, He created something from nothing. Science had … Continue reading Sixth Day of Christmas: 6 Geese and the Joy of Being Creative