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Are You Tending the Garden For You or God

Jesus was preparing the world for the next life through parables. His stories came directly from God since He is the Word of God. He continually spoke of life in the Kingdom verses living in darkness. And he began to…

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Haughty or Humble Heart, the Choice is Yours

Jesus has a way of really getting to the heart of things doesn’t He. In this week’s Adventure in the Parables we look at what Jesus tells us about the difference between the haughty and contrite heart. He also told…

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Prodigal Son P3: The Loving Father

The Father pleas with the Eldest Son and exclaims:  ‘Son, you are always with me,’ said the father, ‘and everything I have is yours. We had to celebrate and rejoice, because this brother of yours was dead but has come…

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Prodigal Son P2: The Steadfast Son

  Jesus was about to expose the hearts of the Sanhedrin and others who cared more about their own spiritual well-being rather than others. Let us continue from where we left off from part one: After the younger son went…

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Parables: Not Just Children’s Stories

Do you remember hearing and reading fairy/morality tales and other bedtime stories when we were young? These were stories on how to live a right and good life while on earth that told us how to be good and the…

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