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Heartache: Blessed are Those Who Morn

O the blessedness of those who mourn, for they shall be comforted Matthew 5:4 When someone leaves this world there is a period of mourning that occurs by those who are left to suffer. When we mourn we are actually…

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Broken by flesh, Blessed by God

The Beatitudes are a blessing to those who fully understand what Jesus said. When we look at the original text and the translation there is a new and deeper understanding of how we are to live so we can inherit…

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Are You Tending the Garden For You or God

Jesus was preparing the world for the next life through parables. His stories came directly from God since He is the Word of God. He continually spoke of life in the Kingdom verses living in darkness. And he began to…

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I Promise: Two Words That God Does Not Need From Us

Have you ever made a vow or a promise with God and not kept it? You have deceived yourself and angered God. The writer of Ecclesiastes speaks on this in the first part of the fifth chapter saying: Don’t speak…

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Two Are Better Than One

The writer of Ecclesiastes makes some real good and candid points about life in general. One of the points he makes early on is about friendship or companionship. After God created Adam, He saw that man was alone while the…

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Seasons Of Life

How we live our life now will determine what our next existence will be (eternal life or damned). Our lives are split into seasons. Unlike the weather system on this earth having four main and a few storm seasons, mankind…

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