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How is Your Heart Health

Our bodies are similar in that we have skin, bone, muscle, hair, intestines, etc. Our bodies differ when it comes to the shade of brown that colors our skin, our eyes, our biological gender, and other features. But there is…

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The Apostles ‘ Creed (12th Day of Christmas)

The Apostles’ Creed does not mean the Apostles wrote it, rather it states the fundamental truths of Scripture as given to us through the apostles. It is said to have been formalized by the Second Century but began to take shape…

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God Has A Plan For The Proud (And It Ain’t Good)

Yes, Adonai – Tzva’ot has a day in store for all who are proud and lofty, for all who are lifted high to be humiliated; for all cedars of the L’vanon that are high and lifted up, for all the…

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Is Loving Money Worth Your Soul?

America is a Capitalist nation. We are so dependent on the “Almighty Dollar” that in some places we cannot even take care of natural release functions without paying for it. What has this country come to? Has money replaced God…

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