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Living For Christ in the Devil’s World

One of the hardest things to this day and age is to be a Christian. People in the past 80 years have perverted the Word so much. They created ungodly doctrines, changing Jesus and Scripture to fit their needs and…

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Beware Those Who Scoff God

Beware scoffers who will try to remove you from Christ

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Are You of the Spirit or of the World?

How often do we hear of people getting rich, living mostly happy lives then dying or becoming destitute all of sudden? This seems to happen to some lottery winners especially in the last 10 years. How about those folks who…

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When Will This Terror End

Once again the world has experienced an act of a coward. This time on a bike path in Manhattan that took 8 innocent lives and injured 11. The man used a rented truck had a paintball gun and a pellet…

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How Do We Measure Success

Measuring our lives by our successes while of the world, is that how God measures us?

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Strange Times

We are truly living in strange times. California is really going off the deep end when it comes to apparent biological ignorance. Apparently some are beginning to believe lies that our biological make up does not matter but how we…

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